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The perfect backsplash could be yours

A backsplash can add so much to any kitchen, and the options are as expansive as your needs are. Backsplashes line up with decor and performance needs, and they're different for everyone. But the good news is that there's enough versatility to go around.

As you search for the perfect options, consider your specific needs. A consultation can help, and we'll bring up all the most pertinent points. It's worth your time to consider everything available to you in this line.

The purpose of the kitchen backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash serves two great purposes all at the same time. On the one hand, it's a stunning visual addition, giving you unending choices for every style. On the other, it's an excellent choice for the best durability and lifespan.

It's easier than you think to bring these two together. And when you do, the results are thrilling. When you make all the right decisions, these can last well over 50 years.

Choose your materials carefully

The materials you choose for your backsplashes are essential. And some are better suited for your needs than others. Backsplash tile is one of the most popular because it offers many benefits. You'll find water, stain, grease resistance, and more.

Tile is a great choice, too, because it works toward your best decor match. Not only do these materials offer extensive shapes, sizes, and formats. But they bring together all the best colors, designs, and texture trends.

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The backsplash installation is important

The installation process affects everything about these products. A great backsplash takes time, but you will likely never have to replace the materials. That means it's worth it for your kitchen to set this time aside.

A professional team saves you time and money by giving you the results you want and need. When you select your materials, you'll get a specific installation quote. And you'll know precisely how long the process will take.

Your backsplash is closer than you think

Sp Floors & Design Center is a great place to find the perfect materials for your kitchen remodel. We'll work with you from product selection through backsplash installation and more. And our associates are happy to share all their experience and knowledge with you.

When you're ready to choose the perfect backsplash, visit our showroom in McMurray, PA. We cater to all communities in the Pittsburg, PA area, such as Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, WV, and Deep Creek Lake, MD. We look forward to working with you too.