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Hardwood - Things to consider


The different hallmarks of hardwood.

Each wood has its own unique characteristics. The color of the wood is determined by what part of the tree the wood originally came from. The grain pattern is determined by the species and how the wood is cut. Natural variations in the color and grain are normal and to be expected. All hardwood floors will fade, darken, or change shades over time. Exposure to sunlight will greatly increase this process. Window treatments are recommended as well as rotating rugs and furniture to allow floors to age evenly from sunlight exposure.

Understand that wood moves.

Wood floors will expand and contract due to moisture and temperature changes. This can cause hairline cracks and slight height variations. It will not expand and contract equally in all directions. This is not considered a defect, but instead a result of using a natural product.

Subfloors are not level.

There isn’t a subfloor that will be perfect. You may hear hollow sounds where your subfloor’s surface dips and ridges. This does not affect the integrity of the hardwood.

Know the entire cost of ownership.

The “cost per square foot” of your hardwood flooring is just one component of the entire project cost. To ensure that there are no surprises and that the hardwood you select fits into your overall budget, be sure to ask us to calculate the total cost of your floor covering project. There are many potential additional expenses that you may incur, such as furniture removal or replacement, demolition and disposal of old floor coverings, subfloor preparations, adhesives, product delivery, and installation.